Lightbulb Wow BIG screen and NO softkeys!

Hi there,

so I've been loving my lg g2 since the very beginning and I came to the point that I wanted to use the full big screen and turn my softkeys into GESTURES.

what I did: I rooted my lg g2, installed xposed framework with the G2 module to remove the softkeys. You can also do it with GMD hide softkeys app but the g2 module also gives cool settings for the softkeys (change icons,...).
Then I installed All-in-one gestures. With that app you can set gestures for the menu-, back- and homebutton. (and shortcuts or apps to open) You can also do this with the GMD gestures app but it's a more advanced app than the All-in-one gestures app. So for example my backbutton is now a swipe from the bottom of my screen. And I must I like using back like that. it's an easy gesture for you thumb.
I also installed nova launcher to automatically hide the notification bar.

another tip... with the xposed framework you can download the APP SETTINGS module. with this you can set the dpi PER APP!! I like a dpi of 360. below that it's starting to be very tiny letters I think. With APP SETTINGS you can also force to hide the notification bar PER APP. Gives a real big screen as a result!!!

Hope you like my tip!