Default [Q] Bricked, recovered, OTA'd, bricked again. HELP!

I got a Note 2 yesterday, bought it used. I turned it on, everything seemed normal. I took it to Verizon, they activated it for me in the store, and while I was there, the lady activating it also accepted an OTA software update. I have no idea what version I was on, or what the OTA was. When I got home, the phone shut down as part of the OTA, and everything appeared normal. The little android with a box screen came up, cycled through the progress bar, etc. However, when it was done, the phone rebooted, and froze on the "Samsung Galaxy Note II" screen. I gave it a while, then battery pulled, tried everything I could think of. Couldn't get into the recovery menu. It would get to Odin, but that was it. Anyways, after a very stressful night working on it, I found the thread here:

I downloaded the "Alternate Restore Mirror" link, put the phone in download mode, and installed from Odin on my computer. The phone booted up, everything worked beautifully.

Then, tonight at work, I checked for software updates, and was informed that there was an available update. I downloaded and installed it(I think the phone said it was 7MB?), and THE SAME THING HAPPENED. Phone is frozen on the "Samsung Galaxy Note II" screen. I plugged it into my laptop, put it in download mode, and did exactly what I did this morning. Odin says everything was successful, and reboots the phone. But it hangs on the "Samsung Galaxy Note II" screen, no matter what I do. I've tried searching, and followed every guide on how to unbrick it I can find, but no matter what software package I use, it fails on "sboot.bin". The only one that will work and not fail is the "Alternate" in the link above, but when I use that one I still have a bricked phone.

I -really- need advice here, guys. I'm in way over my head.