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I have a problem. I want to buy the Z1 but I donít know if I should.

I already bought the Z1 in November. I was setting it up for about 3 days and then my house was robbed and the phone was stolen. I even not had the chance to use it as a phoneÖ
The insurance company is going to cover the stolen Z1.

In the meanwhile I see all over the internet Z1 yellow washed self-cracked screens, asf that cannot be removed because of warranty and it scratch really bad. Problems with overeating, touch screen sensibility, wifi, etc.

So, was this sad episode some kind of divine intervention or itís a reasonable choice to buy it again?

I liked the Z1, despite of the internal features, because of the glass and aluminum look. Iím looking also to Samsung s4 and note 3 but they look to plastic for top phones. I like HTC One but only in black which is very hard to find. The 5S is also in my mind. I can discard a large display if the device is ergonomic and pocket jeans friendly.

I need to buy a new phone because my WM HTC HD2 is becoming serious outdated. But for a phone with 4 years of daily use it doesnít have any scratches in the display or in the back. This guy is tough and never failed me.

Long story short I just donít want to give a lot of money for a piece of shÖ top phone! I just want a phone for the next 4 years.

Thank you all !
I'm an owner of an Xperia Z1 and I must say it is a beutifully designed phone and a superior camera... But then a major problem that I have with it is that touchscreen does NOT work properly. I think you should wait until the 4.3 update comes and see whether the problem is fixed. But I doubt that this is a software problem so better not buy it till the 4.3 update comes and we'll see whether it fixes the problem. Stay tuned to Z1 XDA so you can be sure.
Phone : Xperia Z1
Rom : Stock and De-bloated
Kernel : Stock
Baseband : 22
Bootloader: : Locked
Root : Yes

Secondary phone : Xperia Arc S
Rom : Stock and De-bloated
Kernel : Advanced Stock
Baseband : 66
Bootloader : Unlocked
Root : Yes

Stock Roms always work best