Default [Q] Chromecast & Nexus 7 Casting Problems

So I'm having issues with my Nexus 7 casting to my TV. I can cast fine if I have my tablet on and active but once I turn off the screen and set it aside, whatever I'm casting will only go for a minute or so before cutting off. It seems as if my WiFi is turning off and telling Chromecast to stop playing. I have already made sure to "Keep WiFi On Always" and also disabled "WiFi Optimization." The odd thing is that I do not have this issue with my HTC One.

I've tested this with Pandora, Songza, and Viki. I have also clean flashed stock OTA, CleanROM, and CM11. All no luck. The only solution I have found is to use an app called REGPON wifi KeepAlive. Does anyone else have a similar experience that can help me so that I'm not dependent on this app?