Default Xperia Z Stopped Charging

Today my girlfriend's Xperia Z stopped charging completely and eventually ran out of battery as of now its just a brick
I've tried using multiple cables but none are working and ive also bought a Docking Station for the device so ill guess ill have to wait for that to arrive...
When you fiddle around with the cable the LED does light up at times.. and if you manage to get it in that right spot and keep it there,
The LED just flashes very fast and doesnt seem to actually give it any charge at all, Still cant power it on, Nor does it overheat.
Just wondering if anyone else has experianced this problem and has fixed it in anyway as the Docking Station is not always the most pratical way to charge for her.
If the last resort is sending it off to be fixed, does anyone know how much it will cost () or even if it can be fixed?
Its not waterproof anymore either since the rubber seals have started to deteriate over time which is not great..
But that is not the cause of the phone to stop charging. Just another problem.
Thanks in advance
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