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hey, this is my first post on here.
A while ago I got my Xperia Z which is unlocked to all networks and I checked in the service menu and it said I could unlock the bootloader so I did so and installed my own roms, then it became faulty so I got it repaired but before so I flashed the stock rom on there just incase it was refused to be repaired because of the custom rom.
When I got it back I discovered in the service menu my bootloader can no longer but unlocked and I cannot root it or put CWM on it or anything as I keep getting errors... any advise?
I tried using the original bootloader unlock code I got but the phone rejects it saying something like 'FAILED remote does not have permission' or something along those lines in the CMD while using the fastboot code.
It says
FAILED remote: command not allowed

i don't know what to do...
I've got my phone rooted now following a guide but it hasn't helped