Question [Q] [HELP] how to fix my X2's busted software


Recently my Droid x2 was acting somewhat slow and randomly rebooting, so I decided to backup some data using titanium backup.
After which, I performed a factory data wipe thing from the android recovery menu.
This went well and I started to restore my old apps and data, afterwards I noticed the same things happening again. So I decided to do the factory data wipe again to fix this.
This led me to think that there was something wrong with one of the system apps, so I slowly went through apps and only installed what I thought I needed.
I ended up repeating this a few times, and at some point used titanium backup to remove some of the stock apps like slacker and youtube.
And now my phone wont get past the motorola logo, although sometimes it does and gets into a boot loop or just gets to the first time set up screen.
History summary:
Basically I backed up the data I wanted to keep, and did some stuff now my phone doesn't function right.

What I am after from any expert is whether or not I can't simply put an update onto my sd card and use the android recovery menu to fix my phone back to the normal stock rom.

If this kind of thing is possible could someone send me a link to the file.

I have tried to use Moonshadows guide ( for SBFing, no luck, can't get it to work.
Also, I am basing this question off of Moonshadow's other guide ( for backup/restoring.

This is a:
Droid X2
Running 2.3.5