Question [Q] T-Mobile Samsung Note 2 Upgrade to OS 4.3

I downloaded/installed the OS 4.3 upgrade to my T-Mobile Samsung Note II via updates from my device. This was about 6-7 hours ago. After installation, the phone continues to reboot. It will boot up, shows home screen for a split second and automatically reboots. On many of the reboots it doesn't show the home screen, it reboots at the point the home screen should show. I did read that the phone would randomly reboot after upgrade, but my phone is continuously rebooting, not randomly. I thought it would stop but it has gone on for 5 hours and is continuous and although I had on charger, it still drained my battery. I pulled out the battery for few minutes and replaced and my phone automatically started and when it got to the home screen, stayed for about 2-3 seconds then started the reboot process again. Battery went down to 13%, I removed battery again and replaced and now I'm able to charge with phone off. Please help!!! I need my phone to work because I did not back up my internal memory. I cannot reset the phone because the home screen shows for only a split second, if it shows at all, then reboots. Does anyone have any solution?