Question [Q][Gaming] NBA 2K14 hang! :(

who's playing 2k14 for android?

i downloaded 2k14 for android but then after some time playing it always hangs ( around 3rd or 4th quarter depends on how many minutes per quarter was ).. it is somewhat continuing the game ( the crowd cheering continues when it hangs...)

ever experienced that?

tried to download latest apk of 2k14... same results...

im running latest kitkat on my Nexus 4 along side with the latest franco
Device: LG Google Nexus 4
Variant: 16 Gigabytes
Rom: Pure X Speed Rom v2
Kernel: Franco Kernel
Governor: Interactive
Scheduler: Cfq

Device: Asus Google Nexus 7
Variant: 32 Gigabytes - Wifi Only
Rom: Stock 4.4 Rom
Kernel: Stock 4.4 Kernel
Governor: Ondemand
Scheduler: Cfq

Device: Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation
Variant: 32 Gigabytes
Rom: iOS 7.0.4