Default [Q] Buggerit!

Good evening Ladies & Gents.

Firstly can I say, this site has been my bible, and I am so very very grateful for all the work that everyone has put in to making this site what it is.

Now down to business.

I have an HOX+ and have been flashing for about a year now but still consider myself to be a complete nub! first with hox then i broke it and now hox+. Im in a bit of a predicament.

I flashed a version of aosp 4.4 onto the phone, installed from the zip file, cleared the cache, user data and dalvik.

rebooted, and got stuck in a boot loop.

So i went to my backup and restored from there...

boot loop again.

So i went back into bootloader, then fastboot, and reflashed the viper+ 2.0.1 that I had on before.

But when I got stuck on sending boot

Now im stuck in a boot loop, none of my backups will restore properly.

I fear I am hardbricked as I cant get anything to work...

Any help before I have to be back at work tomorrow would be very helpful! and even more appreciated!


A very frustrated and stressed British nub