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Bit of a smart ass response

Yes it's okay to turn it off, but what if the lighting is bad and I want to take a photo?
Well it's fairly simple, flash pretty much always ruins a photo. Only use it if you really have to. Other than that, superior auto does a fairly decent job and if that doesn't quite cut it for you, you can try manual mode.

Other than that there isn't a whole lot more that we can do. Remember it's still a phone and not a DSLR. Low-light photography relies mostly on the lens that's fitted on the camera as far as I know. (correct me if I'm wrong) Due to the amount of light a real lens can capture and a smartphone lens simply can't.

Also the photo's you've taken maybe aren't that good of an example, the image without flash looks fine to me. I don't know what you're expecting to capture there, but if you want to show off the back of your car, it's perfectly fine.

PS. if that's your car, you may want to blur out the numberplate.

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