Default Update Error with 4.4.2


I unlocked my Nexus 5 and booted an image that installs SuperSu.
Then I proceeded to kick-off some preinstalled software via Titanium Backup.

Now I have the problem that the update to 4.4.2 fails. Booting the update, a small icon with the text "Error!" appears.

I tried restoring the software from the Titanium Backup and run the update again (after it popped up again 5 days later). It is the same problem. However I accidentially did not backup all of the software I had deleted.

Please help!
1. I found in /cache/recovery/last_log that GoogleEars.odex is missing. How can I retrieve that file?
2. Is there a list of apks that should be installed on the stock system so I can check what is still missing?
=> in a terminal on the phone, do ls -l /system/app and post the output, if you are so kind?

Thank you!