Default Cant get rid of "RELOCKED" in bootloader

I recently got my HTC one back from repairs, I had custom software on it before I shipped it off. So when I got it back, I wanted to install the custom software back on it. I did the root process, got it rooted. Installed recovery, wiped the needed files and then tried to flash the software. It failed. I got worried because I didnt make a backup before I did this. So I had to RELOCK and install stock software. I then try to do the process again. I root, and then try to install the recovery. I get an error. Turns out, when I rooted, the bootloader was still "RELOCKED" but it was s-off. I then try to install revone. I try to do the process where I unlock it. Except I cant run the command "su" because I dont have a recovery.

Right now im kinda just stuck. I dont know what to do to fix it...

It would be helpful if someone would tell me how to get it to unlocked, or anything like it.