Default installed wrong kernel n7105

Hi all,

Annoyingly enough i did something very stupid because I didn't read the files name properly....
while navigating a thread for a kit kat rom for the N7105, i took its suggested kernal to flash, little as i knew the link provided was for a N7100 device so now my phone won't boot into Kit kat.... when i tried to boot it into my recovery(TWRP *latest*) it just shows me a black screen....

my phone is able to get into the bootloader(odin) and is able to connect to my computer, is there anything i can push via odin to fix my phone?

Thanks guys~
Samsung Note II (GT-N7105)
Rom: don't.... but it is some 4.3 ROM

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Champagne Gold 32gb - Unlocked
Rom: CleanRom 3.4.1
Recovery: TWRP 2.4

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