Default [DEV/CWM/ROM] JB-SlatePlusRom: A custom rom for the HP Slate 7 Plus

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT responsible for any damage you do to your device.

Slate 7 2800/4600 owners, this is not for you. I have ported the ROM to the Slate 7 though and you can find it here.

Go here to download the continuation of this ROM, ToZlate Light.

Post 1: Downloads
The ROM's description and download links are here.

This is JB-SlatePlusRom, a custom ROM being made for the HP Slate 7 Plus!
I originally made this for @chairsz, and he had a Canadian Slate 7 Plus. He wanted a port of the Dopa v1.1 rom for the Sero 7 Pro, so that's what this project aims to be. His Slate 7 Plus died before he could test the ROM, but this is all because of him.
This is not in the XDA DevDB because to make a new project in DevDB, device is a required field, it's a drop down list, and the HP Slate 7 Plus is not listed.

ROM pre-rooted.
SuperSU added.
Bloatware removed! Removing them has saved about 139 megabytes of space, and that's in .zip form. If the bloatware is still there, go to Settings, then Apps. Find the app and hit Disable Updates. That will delete the bloatware permanently.
Original launcher has been hidden (saved as an .apk-hide file) in favor of Apex Launcher.
ES File Explorer added.
GravityBox Xposed module added.
App Settings Xposed module added.
Quick Boot added.
Xposed Installer added. (Not activated by default! Go into the installer, hit Framework, then hit Install/Update, then hit Soft Reboot or Reboot!)
Boot animation changed to match the one in the dopa v1.1 ROM for the Sero 7 Pro.

JB-SlatePlusROM v1.0 - Initial release

New boot animation roughly based on the CyanogenMod 11 boot animation
Overclockable kernel!

Fun Fact: This device's ROM is similar to the Nabi 2. In fact, it's also got a Tegra 3. But it seems HP did a horrible job at cleaning up the ROM for their own purposes, this ROM had tons of Nabi 2 bloatware in it!
Current Device: Hisense Sero 7 Pro - Android 4.4.2 - PAC-ROM - Build 20140311

Current Development: CyanogenMod for the Slate 7 Plus, PAC-ROM for the Sero 7 Pro (M470BSA/USA Model)

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