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Hi, I am not sure if this is an old issue, but I tried to search in XDA and Google but could not find anyone experiencing the same issue as me.

I have used Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S3, and transferring photos between them will still allow me to view the photos in Gallery. But recently when I got the Nexus 5, I transferred some photos over from Galaxy Nexus into the exact same folder where the photos will be saved from the camera, but it does not show up in the Gallery.

I was wondering if it is because the Gallery detects that the photo is not taken from the device, and therefore will not show in the Gallery?

Appreciate your help. Thanks in advance!
No - the gallery doesn't care about that.
Which folder did you copy the pictures into? Can you browse to that folder using an explorer app? (check to make sure there is no .nomedia file in that folder). Take a picture using your camera and verify where that is getting saved - and see if it shows up in the gallery.