Question [Q] Which custom rom would be best for me?

I know, there are huge lists of roms that are available for the Xperia Neo, but I have a long list of requirements and thought that you might be able to help me out with something that I would probably need multiple weeks for.

General information:
  • The exact name for my smartphone is 'Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V'.
  • I don't have any warranty on my phone anymore. (I got it on xmas in 2011 and I had 24 month warranty.)
  • I rooted it in 2012 (april approximately)
  • I lost the backup between millions of files on my old computer. (It still exists though.)
  • I can't remember what I used to root it, but it was rediculously simple.
  • I installed an Anit-Theft app on it in 2011. 'Avast Internet Security & Antirirus' and I remember it sayin something like it will hide itself as system app and protect itself etc. I'm not sure if I remember the password...

What I expect from the custom rom:
  • It must support all the components (including HDMI, USB, WIFI, GPS, 3G, cams...).
  • It should be as small as possible (on disc and RAM)
  • but there shouldn't be any critical or extremely annoying bugs.
  • low CPU usage
  • control over the CPU clock (to get more battery time)
  • I only want necessary software to be installed on the device by default. (atm there are about 100 apks that are clearly not necessary)

I hope I didn't forget anything.

The reasons:
  • I want more battery time. (Yes I already turned my screen darker, bought a bigger battery and closed background processes)
  • I hate it to have a mess on my device.
  • I hate it to have no control over it.
  • I need more internal discspace. (Thanks to bad developers like WhasApp's and the 100 unnecessary preinstalled system apks. I think I don't even have 200MB available on my internal storage.)
  • Lesser lag and responding times (especially for the keyboard)

Best regards and thanks in advance,