Question [Help Needed] GMT in Zooper?

Hello Eveyone,

I downloaded Zooper on Friday and have been playing with it, learning it, reading the forums about it and killing a LOT of time with it LOL! I have learned a lot, and am ploughing through making my own theme for the first time. I have found most of the answers to my questions on here except the main one I need help with:

I want GMT displayed on my home page, not just the differential that's included in #Dz#. I've tried everything I could think of for it, including using the math operators to take local time and add or subtract the value of #DZ# using if then statements but nothing is working. I'm a pilot and that would be a handy value to show on the home screen for us frequent time zone crossers.

Can anyone help me with this please? Seems easy enough but I am obviously missing something. Any help woould be appreciated.
I am a retired Navy fighter pilot, currently living and working in Jakarta, Indonesia as a pilot training captain. Look forward to seeing all of you in here and if any of you live or wander close by, be sure to hit me up!


Wayne "Kila" Watts