Default Show Notifications directly and Vibrate Stronger?


since yesterday I'm a proud owner of a GG. And after playing around with it, I have two questions about.

1.) On Settings for Vibrate-Mode I took Strong. And the example vibrate is strong enough. But when I get an Notifications the GG only vibrate for two short pulses. And the vibration is too soft. Is there a possibility to change this? My Pebble-Watch vibrates really strong.

2.) When I get an Notification e.g. WhatsApp I see who has send me an Notification and I have to touch the GG to read the Notification. Is there a possibility to see the Notification directly? There ist enough space on the display to show from whom comes the Notification and the Notifications itselfs.

And if all of it won't work with Stock, will there be a possibility with Custom ROM?

Thx forward for your reply.