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Easy switching between locked and unlocked bootloader states!
NOTE: USE TWRP ONLY for this guide.
NOTE 2: You NEED to have XZDualRecovery 2.7.43 or higher to make this work.
  • Create a backup, including the Trim Area (TA!)
  • Unlock your bootloader
  • Restore backup without TA
  • Create a new backup of your UNLOCKED TA
  • Restore the previous TA backup to relock your phone.


Now you can switch between locked and unlocked bootloaders quick and painless: no more system wipes and you can basically do whatever you want

How to enable init.d support:
Open a filemanager app and navigate to the location where the XZDualRecovery folder is located and go in to it. Open XZDR.prop as a text file and set to true.

NOTE: For this guide ROM it means the init.d script called 99SuperSUDaemon will kick in to action, so it's best to disable (by setting chmod 644) /system/etc/ for the time being or to clear it's contents.


Downgrading to a 4.2 ROM:
Download C6903_14.1.G.1.534_[NUT].ftf (Bittorrent: 770MB) and flash it using FlashTool. I've also added the FTF to the downloads page on the DevDB tab, this will allow straight downloads as well.

This FTF will allow you to downgrade to .534 without loss of your IMEI

Thanks to @mharckk and @MohammadAG for the workaround which contributed to the creation of this FTF.

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