Default Please Create Carrier Specific LG G2 Threads.

Right now we only have carrier specific threads for development. While those are needed and appreciated I am finding it extremely difficult to learn or locate carrier specific information on xda. The threads for general, Q&A, accessories, and themes are crossing over each other and its like wading thru a swamp of information. I am personally on sprint and I have found myself ending up in threads that have nothing to do with sprint hoping to find fixes or ideas that dont even apply to my model. Frankly, its very frustrating. I can from the photon, and my wife has the htc one. I have used xda for those models in the past, and still do, and can find informatikn specific to my carrier easily.

Can I use search? Sure I worked in the web search industry for over a decade but that doesnt help if I can choose a specific category (that category in this case being sprint). So searching for info in the lg g2 threads as they are now is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

I know there are other people who must feel the same as I do about this. Id simply like my experience in the lg g2 forums to be as good as it is in other places on xda. I dont know why the g2 forums were set up like this, but frankly its a nightmare content wise. It would also help development further by breaking out info carrier by carrier.

Mods, we need carrier specific forums for the g2. Please add yourself to this post of you feel the same way. Those that dont can start a different thread to leave things the same as they are now. This if for those that feel doing this would improve their g2 experience on xda.