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I did look though the form to see if this had been answered but I couldn't see anything. I rooted my Note 3 using Odin and tripped the KNOX counter. Now of course it won't update. Is there a way of getting round this or have I smegged it up already?

Sorry if this has been answered but I couldn't find anything!
What is your status when you boot to Odin/download mode? (most interested in RP SWREV part).

Either way - you tripped the Knox flag, and as far as we know (so far) that can't be reversed (at least not by us).

However you are now free to do any other Odin stuff you want - for instance you can easily update to some stock NEWER or EQUAL version that you like, or install a custom recovery, kernel or ROM.

Another option might be to try with Kies 3 in "recovery mode" - that should force-update you to the latest official version for your phone. But Knox will most likely stay 1.
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