Default [Q] Rooting the Captivate Glide for an old WM6.1 newbie

Hello all and been awhile since I've been active in these parts.

This is probably a faux pas on several levels, but here I am. I used to be rather adept at rooting/ROMing/modding my smartphone years ago in the days when I was using HTC Windows Mobile phones, up through 6.1. Then my phone died, and I "upgraded" (several years late) to an early cheap Android 1(.2?) Pantech Crossover a few years ago. Given there was really no dev community for the Pantech, and I was relatively satisfied with the performance, I never even experimented with modding that phone. It lasted until present and served me well, but my wife just presented me with the Captivate Glide as an early Christmas present and so here I find myself, and somewhat out of the loop.

Given most of my experience is on outdated WM rooting, and it's been quite awhile, I'm looking to school myself on what I'm doing before I start messing around with the new Captiate Glide.

Can you point me to the do's and don'ts, resources, or newbie threads, and what-i-need-to-know-not-to-brick-my-phone links or threads before I dive into this? I have found some basic info thus far, and I guess I'm hoping for something more comprehensive for newbies, or any relevant info for someone who isn't up on the latest methods, tools, etc.

My apologies if I have looked over obvious resources. Children, work, family, and lack of time prevent me from finding everything I need by researching and sorting through gobs of info to learn the traditional way.

Thanks in advance.