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I saw someone say it was possible and I rooted mine just to do that (before knowing that mj7 custom recovery was impossible). I just want to put google edition on my S4. If anyone knows if what that person said is correct could you please send me a link to the info I need to make it happen.

I heard that the method was somehow related to using odin to install the stock image to the mj7 s4 as google edition is an official edition which would be great if that were true.
no ability to install any custom ROM as MJ7 bootloader is pretty much lockdown for that, Odin has nothing to do with it. Now, Hashcode is working on safestrap port for MJ7 and MDK2 base users but that is no guarantee that a GE based rom will work when it is done. Some restrictions on kernel base and safestrap you see. You can read thread on ROMs that worked with safestrap and see what was said there for Google Edition Rom
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