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Alright I'll admit it, I have had ORD for about 3 years now. I've made a thread like this in the HTC Desire Z forums because I litterally didn't skip any ROM available there. Now owning an N4, I'll do the same thing... eventually...

This thread will grow and grow. It's my OWN, PERSONAL opinion... Don't judge me...

So here it goes:

SlimKat: The ROM I'm using is beta 1.7. And as of that version, I must say this ROM is feature rich already. It's fairly stable. What I liked the most is its kernel: I get great performance while conserving battery life when needed. I usually get home from University with about 15% battery or less. But with this ROM I get about 50% left. AnTuTu benchmark with about 100 apps installed (+gapps) scored a remarkable 19807. I was amazed by the 3D performance when benchmarking which stayed at 30fps avg.

The ROM has a lot of options and settings for you to tinker with. Nothing dangerous and nothing that can badly affect your phone. A very smooth and eye candy ROM. Good work Slim team, keep it up.

Gn0m3 Project: I was astonished by the idea of this ROM. A very weird idea that seems to be illogical, but it's not. The developer had an idea of implementing the xposed framework a stock ROM with almost no customizations. The developer is just too friendly and knows what he's doing. Minor changes were made to the stock AOSP ROM including under the hood optimizations and GDialer support, and an epic new notification system which I can't describe it.

AnTuTu (with the same amount of apps installed: 100+gapps) scored 17150 which is the expected score being on a stock kernel and everything... But you do get the performance, battery life, and stability of stock AOSP. So it's the perfect ROM for a Daily Driver.

PAC ROM: I used that when I first bought the phone, it was a 4.2.2 ROM with PA, CM, and AOKP smashed together as one ROM full of features. But sadly enough, it also combined all the ROMs' bugs which made it a very unstable ROM. It has all the options and settings. I've spent a whole hour just looking and browsing through the options that this ROM offers.

I didn't have the chance to make a benchmark, but it wasn't very performant, maybe becaude of the many features it has.


Other users' opinions:

okanb3: Well, i contribute.
Purity 14/12: Has good and classify customizations. I also flashed Jana kernel and switched to ART. On ART, Purity is amazing for me. I didn't saw any bugs, stable for daily usage. Antutu gives 20288 Score with 179 apps installed. Battery life is good enough. 4h SoT with 24-36 hours of runtime.

Purity is definetely my hero after PSX. Waiting for PSX v3 release.

Primal rom v10: Ok all carbon rom fans that are crying carbon is taking too long well here is a carbon based rom with most of carbon features customised tikes, battery icons, recent position, center clock with day& month,etc. I'm a big fan of trinity/hellscore kernels I'm running trinity here with 4.5 screen time and my runtime is like 8/9 hrs I'm a heavy user always on my phone. running art here. The phone is flawless I'll recommend this over even purity cz I used purity for a while when psx moved and theirs something with data speeds on purity they are slower FOR ME.. try it out cheers

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