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hey guys this isn't my first rodeo however it is with safestrap and all this crap so i just got a replacemtn s4 from verizon running mi1 downloading the de la vega root tool currently taking a lot longer than expected so here is my goal, root got that part covered seems pretty self explainatory what i want to do is install safestrap or somehting to flash roms my plan is for now to be stock rooted... 4.3 and eventually flash other tw roms from what i understand that is all that can be installed using s.s. i have searched and search and cannot find any safestrap threads with info on how to's do's and don'ts so if someone can leand me a helping hand that would be fantastic sorry for the poor english i just work up and am too lazy to fix things atm
I'm pretty sure if you stay with MI1 you won't be able to flash any 4.3 ROMs. As of now the only one available is Hyperdrive 11 (soon to be 12). If you update to MJ7 or MK2 then you can flash 4.3 ROMs.
There are a few more 4.2 based ROMs in the dev section.
My advice to you (and everybody) would be to do your research. Read, read, read.
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