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Whats The Status Of The 4.4 Build?

ROM installs fine and boot up to the point where we can hear the Android system sound. However the system isn't viewable on the phone. Hopefully it will be here soon?

What Is The Difference Between This ROM and Others?

I used to own many Samsung devices and I am going for a Wanam ROM approach. We use a stock base and just keep adding add-ons and updates over the ROM instead of doing new builds. Also there will be a lot of flexibility with the ROM making it your one unique.

Why Is The ROM Odexed?

Well, I am glad you asked. My ROM's promise super stability and odexed Android systems are more stable and faster than deodexed ROM's. Yes you cannot edit deodexed pre-installed applications but I like my ROM's to be stock. All edits will be done when cooking the ROM.

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