Did it work with stock ? If it does, try a dirty flash of the rom you're using now (no wipe), then try a factory reset if that doesn't work, then try a clean install (I.E with wipe) of the rom you're currently using. If you're still having problems, try a clean install of stock to double check/make sure it's not a hardware problem. If it still works fine with stock, either read the rom thread or wait until you have enough posts to post in the thread.
If it's important enough to cause you grief if it's lost, back it up. No excuses
Trolling for thanks is lame
Does Samsung's auto-brightness implementation crap drive you to self-harm ? A solution !
Probably the best thread ever posted on XDA
Failure to search is the leading cause of male impotence on XDA
If you don't know how to recover if things go wrong, what are you doing flashing custom roms ?
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