Default Possibly getting an AT&T moto X, have a few questions.

I have the option to give a family member my GS4(I got the Nexus 4, because even CM doesn't run that great on the S4, let alone Touchwiz) for their upgrade, and the only phone I would want that's out on AT&T is the Moto X. I've got a few questions about the device.

How hard is rooting the AT&T moto X?

Can the annoying AT&T logo at the top be changed, through something like Xposed?

Is it possible to rub off the AT&T logo on the back without damaging it?

Did moto bake in battery percentage in the notification bar?

I understand that AT&T's contacts crap in infused with the stock contacts app( maybe, I remember hearing that somewhere, I could be wrong). If I remember right and it's there, can it be deactivated/deleted through titanium or something similar after root?

Would it be a better idea to just get the unlocked version through MotoMaker?

What's the advantage of getting the Moto X over the Nexus 5?(I'm gonna buy the N5 regardless at some point, just wanting some opinions on that.)

Thanks in advance.

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