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Here is a sure fix for your issue.

Download cf-autoroot and odin flash it, but be sure you uncheck the
checkmark in odin which says "auto reboot" before flashing.
(unzip cf-autoroot so you get the TAR file which odin needs)
After flashing cf-autoroot use the power button to power off the phone.

After that's done you need to odin flash TWRP custom recovery.

After you are done flashing TWRP the phone should work properly
without any further issues.

I would highly suggest that after your phone is working properly make
a nandroid backup if the rom in TWRP recovery before you change any
settings, adding/installing or flashing any mods, themes or apps.

Good luck!
thank you so much! i put the TWRP in the AP box in odin correct? also should i check auto Reboot when flashing TWRP? thanks again