Default [Q] ADB device unauthorized, no root, can't figure it out?

Hey, all. So, I just got a Moto X through AT&T, and I'm looking to root it. It came with the 4.4 update already on it, so I've been trying to follow the appropriate guides from jcase, but I'm running into an error very early on. After I download the ADT bundle and get adb installed and have it up and running, I was at first finding that my device wasn't showing up when I did the command "adb devices". I fixed this by getting the drivers from motorola with their device manager download, but...

Now I'm getting it showing up as an unauthorized device. I have USB debugging enabled, to start. I never received an authorization option when plugging my phone into my computer. I have it set to PTP, not MTP. I've tried toggling the USB debugging off and on multiple times, I've tried the revoke usb debugging authorization multiple times, and I've gone through and deleted the .android folder in C->Users->me. Since I don't have root, I can't go through and delete any sort of folder in my phone involving adb, because I saw that a lot as I've been doing google searches on how to try and fix this before posting here. One of my attempts when deleting .android involved me unplugging my Moto X, deleting the .android folder, running adb kill-server and then adb start-server commands, and rebooting my Moto X before plugging it back in. I still have never received an option to authorize my device.

I am running on Windows 8.1, if that makes any difference. I checked my adb version using the command, and it shows me running adb version 1.0.31. I am rather new to playing around with phones and whatnot, and all of the things I have tried were things that I found through google searches that pointed me to threads here at XDA. I'm willing to try pretty much anything, and I will report back and give further information if needed.

Thanks in advance, all