Default v2 out

Here you are,

Wifi is fixed in this one. Just reflash it on top on previous one.

I also separated locked bootloader boot mechanism from cm in zip if Ion people want to adapt it, check lb-and-wifi directory. To adapt it for ion, you need to extract ion cm10 initramfs, tar it into cm.tar (tar -cvf, not compressed), then replace it in zip. Same goes for recovery, you can also grab a recovery.tar if it exists for ion.

You may have to adapt regarding notification led, I'm not sure XS dev are same as ion, having them working is good to help debugging.

Here is a quick explanation of the principle:

Stock kernel is calling /system/bin/ in its initramfs, we hijack the script to replace stock behavior to launch cm. To do that, I do it in two steps, first, will grab and busybox from /system/bin, copy them to /tmp, relink busybox applets then launch will grab /system/bin/cm.tar, extract it to / then umount everything to start init again.

Wifi fix is basically use some stock binaries and firmware plus disable wifi direct. Just replace the binaires with the one for ion, hopefully it should work.
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