Default ROM that supports flash and java?

Hello everyone. I have one question.
I used to watch movies online long time ago on my DS.
What I need now is, a browser that supports flash and java, and ROM that supports flash and java.
I'm currently using Endymion because it's smoothest ROM for gaming but I want to change now and find a rom that supports flash+java. I tried with AOSP roms, 4.1. roms but still can't watch the movies.
The website where I wanna watch movies is .
Please note that I was able to watch movies on that website long time ago on my DS. Just I can not remember which ROM supports flash and java.

Does anyone know maybe which ROM or browser supports flash and java? Because that website requires flash, java and wm player. I have the wm player, sometimes flash but I cant get it all three to work.

Thanks in advance and happy holidays