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On XXUBMJ7 whit Knox I made THIS next (Old Guide) to have all root and THIS to delete Knox appl.
For who don't need the Knox like me.

Like I make on another Knox Devices and work well:

(Note: Take care. If we flash something like recovery, root... the Knox Warranty Void turn to 0x1. This flag at 0x1 is not reversible. We see it in Download Mode)
(I havn't trouble whit. My flag is already 0x1.)


For now is easiest for me to root the S4 Mini I9195. I have now installed the XXUBNB1 Rom working well. I made this:

1- If I want make a clean install I wipe data + cache + dalvik before. But usually I flash over /data from Rom before. Work well.
2- Flash the Rom by Odin3 v3.09 - Reboot.
3- Power off and on Odin I flash the Customer Recovery philz_touch_6.12.8_serranoltexx.tar.md5 from HERE. Reboot.
4- Power off and Power + Home + Vol up to go to new Recovery. When appear the yellow line on screen we must pull up the finger from Power, but stay another two finger's until appear the Recovery.
4- On Recovery I flash the UPDATE-SuperSU-v1.80. On 4.2.2 we must begin always whit this version in my opinion. I update after by a SuperSU-v1.93 I have on extSdCard (Or from Play Store). Reboot.
5- I touch on icon SuperSU to invalidate the Knox and update SU in case v1.93.
6- I install the Sterycson Busybox from apk I have, or from Play Store. After download it, I touch on icon to install the Busybox on /system/xbin.
Now, root alright. To confirm I use Root Verifier from M. Kambur (Play Store).
7- To delete all Knox appl I flash by recovery the Debloat-V5-Knox attached from spitya. Thanks @spitya.

It's all. I have my S4 Mini I9195 rooted, whit a good Recovery and working well.

Note: My Mod.CSC TPH to flash by Customer Recovery to Portuguese Members on Post #28 pag3.




Continue here like backup.

From today 20.01.2014, there are:

- New And
- New (contains SuperSU v1.89 and BusyBox v1.21.1) ( And to root better Knox Rom's 4.2.2 and future 4.3+)...

...On this THREAD from @arco68 Dev. You must use this guide to have Root on Knox Rom's.

My old guide continue here like backup to help someone that have any issues.

================================================== =============================


1- First of all I have a appl superuser.apk (SuperSU v1.80) on extSdCard.
2- Flash by Odin the Reboot.
3- Power off. On recovery by Power + Home + Vol-up I flash the from Chainfire. Thanks @Chainfire . Root but not Busybox.
4- After reboot the SuperSU can stop sometimes, it is installed on system/app and Knox not permit all access at system.
5- Then, whit Explorer from Rom I go at extSdCard and touch on superuser.apk and install it. This way the apk is installed on data/app. Root solved.
6- Now we can touch on icon SuperSU, this start and ask us to invalidate Knox (Only from 1.80). We must say Yes.
7- Installed Busybox 1.22.1 of Stericson from Play Store. Verified whit "Root Verifier". It's all, we have all root now.
8- The SuperSU must be Updated from Play Store.

Thanks also @arco68 (Recovery), @Stericson (Busybox) and @kanbur (Root Verifier).

EDIT1 on 10.01.2014: Used this guide also whit news Roms whit Knox: BMK3, BML1, BML2 and BML4. My Knox Bootloader now is XXUBML4. Are all alright.

EDIT2: 27.01.2014 - Now whit XXUBNA1 (Bootloader = NA1).

EDIT3: 20.01.2014 - Today new CWM recovery
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