Default [Q] Defy stuck in bootloop even after sbf-flash

Hi all,

i've tried to upgrade my Defy (MB525) to CM11 from Slimrom. First I updated the CWM recovery, then I tried flashing CM11 but the installation aborted. After restarting the Defy I wasn't able to reach the Custom Recovery again. So I tried flashing an original sbf (Retail German 2.2.2. and Retail US 2.2.2.) from this site:

Everytime RSD asks me to restart the Phone manually and displays "PASS" after the manual reboot. But then it is stuck in bootloop. When I try to perform a Factory reset over "power button and vol -" there is only a little triangle on the display but no Motorola stock recovery.

So could anybody tell me what to do next? I assume that I could only reach the bootloader mode now..

Thanks for your help!