Default Screen dead on arrival!!

Help!! Just got mine delivered and DOA I think.

It boots up, I can hear the boot sound. And by meticulously using a led flash light, I navigated through the sign up process. I thought the brightness was too low to see the screen. I can barely make out any words.

Finally afrer about an hour of watching youtube videos and knowing where to press, I completed the startup wizard. But when I put up the brightness to max, the screen does change brightness. It stays so dim that you wouldn't know it was turned on without looking at it with a bright light shining on it on an angle.

I tried accessibility options. Still no difference.

It is minus 10 outside. I'm thinking that it must have froze in the warehouse enroute, because I picked it up several days after I got the notice. Is the LCD screen damaged? What should I do now. I ordered it on eBay and the tablet is from malaysia.

Any way to fix the super dim screen? I flashed many roms on my Note 3. But I don't want to lose the warranty on this just yet.

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