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Smart N' Loud - Smart Ringer 1.4.1 is now published!
* On 1.4 I found a bug which caused app to crash on startup. This bug is related to "Blocked Number" and language issues. Sorry for that. it is now fixed!

Check out the new GUI!
New group features included!
Multilanguage support - english, hebrew, russian & arabic!

Short description:

Getting Started...
- Use the simple search box to filter your wanted contacts or groups
- Click to select contact, group, or special number
- Set your contact or group incoming call preferences (detailed below)

Contacts, Groups and Special Numbers
- If you chose a contact and he\she has more than one phone number, you have to choose a specific number
- If you chose a group, the selected setup would be applied on all contacts within the group
- If a contact is removed from a group, the app would update itself on the next run.
Note: until next run, the removed contact is still considered as within the group
- You can also setup your incoming call preferences for 'blocked number'.
Note: this option is not for unlisted numbers in the phone's contact list

Incoming Call Preferences
- Choose between Loud, Vibrate or Silent per contact or group
- Define after how many calls to activate above setup. The simple setup - after one call - means to activate the setup for each incoming call
- If you chose two or more calls, a period of time in minutes is also needed to define the complete setup. For example, make the phone ring for contact 'X', after 2 calls within 10 minutes
- Loud would be activated when the phone is on silent or vibrate mode
- Vibrate would be activated only when the phone is on silent mode
- Silent would be activated when the phone is on loud or vibrate mode. Note that silent is activated for each call
- After confirmed, setup would also appear in the application's main screen. If two or more incoming calls are selected, a red indication with the number of calls would show up on the setup icon

Auto Activation and Popup Alert
- In the application's main screen, the bottom right button would indicate whether the setup is activated or not. A green light means enabled, while a red light means disabled
- You can manually enable or disable the selected setup by pressing the bottom right button
- In the settings screen, you can choose to auto activate when phone state is changed to vibrate or silent
- If auto activation is not selected, you can choose whether to use popup alert when the phone state is changed to vibrate or silent
- If popup alert is enabled and ringer mode change is detected, you can choose whether to activate Smart N' Loud, or use 'real silent' mode
- Choosing the 'always' option would set the auto activation option for next time. In order to change it, use the settings screen

Further Help
- In case you encountered any problems and you need further help, please contact us using the 'contact us' button in the settings screen
- If you like the application, please help us and rank us. Thanks!
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