• Fixed WirelessStorage black on black text
  • Fixed dark text in Quiet Mode contacts settings
  • Volume panel is now dark
  • Tweaked Notification quick toggles a bit more
  • Lighter default background in Messages for better readability
  • Dorimanx's Kernel is now default in all versions


  • Fixed Clock Widget on quickwindow not displaying
  • Replaced AT&T kernel with working version
  • Replaced D802 kernel with StockMod 3.0 kernel
  • Removed TMobile apps for non-Tmobile version
  • Transparent Weather Theme added
  • Stock Browswer tweaked for better visibility


  • New Tmobile "G" base
  • Multi carrier ROM. Will install on AT&T and International versions as well.
  • Fixed black text on "battery low warning" panel.
  • Headphone popup panel when inserting headphones now matches rest of the ROM (dark).
  • Updated GMail
  • Updated Tmobile Visual voicemail
  • Update YouTube


  • Added Furnance Kernel !
  • Fixed init.d support
  • Unsecured shell support
  • Green "answer" ring turned to black on Lockscreen answer screen
  • Blue sender name on text messaging incoming popup changed to white for better readibility
  • Incall notification graphic glitch with overlapping icons fixed
  • Much nicer recording graphics in dialer
  • Recording turned on by default
  • LG Launcher fixed a few graphics issue (still a few left)
  • LG Backup fully inverted now
  • Fixed font description issue in Settings
  • Fixed black icons in bluetooth settings
  • Fixed Wifi Hotspot not turning on
  • Added LG Flex Alarm Clock and Clock Widgets
  • Added some AT&T Ringtones


  • Initial release
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