Guess what ? 99.999999999999999999999% of developers don't do requests. You know why ? Because:-

1) They work on stuff they're interested in, not stuff n00bs want/ask for.
2) Given 1, and the fact they have lives, families, jobs and so on, the overwhelming majority have little time for anything beyond the stuff they're already working on/interested in anyway.
3) I often see comments on threads like this along the lines of 'But a lot of people want this/would find it useful'. Again, that's not how developers work. The number of people who want something like this is irrelevant if there's no devs personally interested in doing it.

So, in light of 1/2/3, looks like you're learning to code if you want this. Sorry to piss on your parade, but we get these threads on here all the time, and every single one disappears into the XDA abyss for the reasons I've mentioned.
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