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I again consider the purchase of a cell phone LG G2. transition from Samsung Galaxy Mega 3.6
I would definitely have bought the version of 32GB but that would discourage me :

- The buttons on the display - that could be resolved only by root, and then she would hide the buttons , but it's not without root ?

- I think that decreases the display backlighting from maximum brightness to half when running the most demanding 3D game ( this is a protective function due to overheating ) , someone noticed that decrease brightness display of the LG G2 , I ask especially demanding gamers ?

- Quality of the speakers and even headphones while calls pry is not much, probably no bass and the sound is too distorted ? You could listen to ?

So these are things that would deter me from buying

The Galaxy Mega is not bad , pretty rad I play the game a ton on the Large 6.3 screen is great, but has only HD and LG G2 full HD, so would those games could look more daintily it would be quite a different experience from that edge , otherwise , although Mega Dual Core , 1,500 megabytes of RAM and adreno305 but the performances there is , make it without lag all games except Gangstar Vegas. But in the future it is impractical with Galaxy Mega , in the summer with shorts . So what do you think I should go to te LG G2 ? Thank you.
You cannot remove/hidethe on-screen buttons without root.

The G2's screen is already very bright, I never have it at 100% and I do actually use a screen filter most of the time. The phone DOES get hot when playing demanding games, and if that is your main goal, then I wouldn't recommend it.

Quality of speakers is average, but if you have some really good headphones the sound is amazing. This phone can play .flac music.
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