Default Help - Did I soft-brick my i9305???

Hello knowledgeable people!

I did a very stupid thing!... I took an official Samsung ROM package .tar.md5, remove the .md5 extension, extracted it, replaced boot.img with a custom kernel boot.img and re-compressed into a .tar package.

Then I took this .tar package and flashed it on the phone with Odin on my PC.

That didn't work, as expected.
The process blocked at one point.

I thought I will then just have to flash the Samsung official ROM to get everything back.

Well... not! I can flash the Samsung official ROM with Odin on my PC, but when the phone starts, it get stucked on bootloop on the glowing samsung logo.

I tried many things, including:
* wipe cache
* wipe data
but nothing worked...

At this point, I think I need to repartition/format everything and start from scratch but I don't know how to do this...
I tried to flash the Partition Identification Table kindly uploaded by @lyriquidperfection, but it didn't work (see here: and it gets stuck in Odin as @narcarsiss mentions here:

Anyone has an idea?
> How to re-partition/re-format properly?
> Any other method to solve the bootloop?

Thanks for your help!
Samsung Galaxy S3 International LTE - i9305
Samsung Official JB4.3 ROM - rooted