Kernel 3.0.8 porting

Ported on X10 from msm7x30-3.0.x-nAa

Thanks to :

nAa for his sources and his thread to get serial console,
Fxp, Doomlord, Androxyde for there answer to my annoying questions about serial console ,
Achotjan, Feravolt, Scritch and all other who helped me a lot since I started this project.

The link to my repo : Tof37-Github

For now this kernel is just made to be used as a base.

What is working :
  • Kernel is built with almost all ES209RA drivers (I think ar6000 are missing, nothing else)
  • it boots
  • Display is (finally) working
  • Rom (tested with an old CM9) is booting. Also booting on CM10.1 and 4.2.2 aosp (strange display problem with aosp)
  • ADB is working (dmesg and logcat can be done)
  • Battery chatging is working, data and led color are ok too
  • Got rom display. (Cm10.1 maybe others) ... for a stock configuration it's not so bad ...

Bug list :
  • QDSP6 has to be disabled, smsm modem is reseting
  • Recovery key access mismatch (it works only when it wants ...)
  • Added needed files and lines in defconfig to build ar6000.ko.
    Have to port some codes in msm_sdcc.c for plat_disable_wlan_slot and plat_enable_wlan_slot ... seems to be needed to turn wifi on and off ...
  • Added lines in defconfig to enable bluetooth ... still not working
  • maybe more I don't even know ...

To do:
  • Fix known bugs
  • Had necessary changes in ramdisk
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