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Can someone upload the new NA5 modem? Gsm one please.

Gesendet von meinem GT-I9505G mit Tapatalk

Here you go if anyone want's boot into download mode and if you have an entry: Knox Warranty Void then you are having the new bootloader. Remember Flashing a Wrong GSM+LTE modems will break your sound if you have an oldbootloader. Have a nice day.

Combined package

Download and Extract.
Old Bootloader XXUB
GSM_Modem_XXUFNA5_and_LTE_Modem_XXBMH1 file with odin by selecting phone

New Bootloader XXUD
GSM_Modem_XXUFNA5_and_LTE_Modem_XXUFNA5 file with odin by selecting phone

Edit: Here's the modem only I9505XXUFNA5_MODEM incase someone dont know what to do

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All 4.4.2 GT-I9505 Modem / LTE / Bootloader