Default [ROM] [4.4.x] CyanFox Rom [OFFICIAL]

Credit to @vedantgp (me!)

CyanFox is a light-weight Android 4.4.x custom ROM, which is based on AOSP/Android (4.4) and CyanogenMod (11.0) source bases.

CyanFox features:
- Dark UI mode
- Paranoid Halo notifications
- Screen Recording
- NavBar settings and native enabling

Features in progress:
- Unread notifications count-icons with new 4.4 API for any app/launcher
- Apps sidebar-launcher
- Advanced Recent Apps RAM bar
- Multi-color/alpha status/nav bars
- Network speed indicator in status bar
- List view animations
- More new features coming soon...

Email us at:
Download at
Please submit bugs to:
And feature requests to:

Help us out!

Our current build server:
- 96 GB RAM
- 24 Cores
- 960 TB HDD

Credits to:
Mantas Zilius [MNT]

Wanna Help?
We need help from designers to help us make our logo and other elements. If you are interested, please follow the link below, made by my friend SystemErrorOne

Contributor to CyanFox and Merkmod and The Schism


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