Here's my "workaround" for the Footprints Tab... pretty messy, but works.

1. Install KDKobes

2. Open Footprints from start menu

3. Take new Footprint

4. Export Footprints to Storage Card\Footprints\Footprints.fdb

5. Goto Footprints tab, open Footprints, Inport Footprints from Storage Card\Footprints\Footprints.fdb

Like I said, pretty messy.. but it works.

Maybe someone can incorporate the KDKobes Footprints or something similar to work with the Manilla tab.

BTW: Once you install KDKobes Footprints, the "New Footprint" button on the Footprint tab of Manilla will give you the "Untrusted certificate" error for FootCam.exe. Anyone know how to re-direct that button to point to the working Footprint Cam (From KDKobes): HTCFootprint.exe? That would at least save some steps.
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A life? Cool! Where can I get the .apk?