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The overall Capacity is limited to 128GB.
Working are:
32 GB interal + 64 GB SD + 32 GB USB Stick + 2 GB USB Stick + 2 GB USB Stick
Should be normally 132GB but Note count it as 125GB and so below 128GB(All memory is smaller -> 32GB are really only 29,8GB).
See attached picture.

Not working is:
32 GB interal + 64 GB SD + 32 GB USB Stick + 16 GB USB Stick
I get error partition is damaged after attach of last storage(of course all storage are working without Problem then connected single).
The I want to dismount in storage menu Software hangs, I need to restart device to be able to work properly.

I got mine running 32GB internal + 128GB SD + 1TB OTG 3.0 HD... runs without any problems.


Using one of those microSD to SD card adapters for my 128GB extSD storage... so yeah... 64 just wasn't cutting it for me