Lightbulb [GT-I9192]-[ROM][Odin]Galaxy S4 Mini Duos 4.2.2 JellyBean TouchWiz Rom 18/07/2014

/!\ This Rom works only for GalaxyS4 Mini Duos I9192 /!\

/!\ If u have Knox bootloader active ( Word "Knox" in Download mode ) DO NOT flash this, it will Void Knox Warranty 0x1 /!\

/!\ Flash it at your own Risk /!\

/* Your warranty is now void.. LOL I guess you knew it already.
* I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
* thermonuclear war, you getting dumped or you getting fired because your phone*
* bootloops and alarm does not go off. Please do some research if you have any *
* concerns about features included in my kernel before using it! YOU and only*
* YOU are choosing to make these modifications.

- I9192XXUBML4 PDA and Modem ( From Russian firmware La Fleur edition ) Also available to Ukraine/Kazakhstan/Uzbekistan .
- Krait retention power saving state added
- I9195OXXBML1 Multi CSC. U can change your CSC code with Galaxy CSC Changer ( Will wipe your data ) from :
BGL - Bulgaria
ERO - Bosnia and Herzegovina
EUR - Greece
NEE - Finland ( Nordic countries )
PRO - Belgium / Luxemburg
SEE - South East Europe
SMO - Serbia
TPH - Portugal
TSR - Serbia
XEF - France
XEO - Poland
CMF - Macedonia
CYO - Cyprus
ETL - Czech Republic
MSR - Serbia ( Telenor )
ORX - Slovakia
PHE - Spain
ROM - Romania
SEB - Baltic
SIO - Slovenia
TOP - Serbia / Montenegro
TRA - Croatia
TWO - Croatia ( Two/Tele2 )
XEH - Hungary
XSK - Slovakia
- Prerooted with SuperSU 1.91 credits to @Chainfire ( u can unroot from SuperSU app ) only su and Superuser.apk added no daemons or anything else
- Removed Knox apps & bootloader, rest stock
- My custom Kernel included

Download: v1
I9192XXUBML4_I9195OXXBML1_I9192XXUBML4_SILVIU.tar. rar 872.1 MB!1clUjKiT!PMIPVy...zd5oFFLnZwD1yw

Download: v2
I9192XXUBNB1_I9195OXXBML1_I9192XXUBNB1_SILVIU.tar. rar 885.2 MB!NIMkBLzb!7CVKx5...O9Rv6MmS1Nm69g

Mirror for v2

Download: v2.1
I9192XXUBNC1_I9195OXXBML1_I9192XXUBNC1_SILVIU.tar. rar 885.3 MB!5MNTwB5Z!biris4...8yC5Ij-MqgokUk

Download: v2.2
I9192XXUBND2_I9195OXXBML1_I9192XXUBND2_SILVIU.tar. rar 822.8 MB!lBt0kYyB!7z-7fm...83g6kTANVwKp94

Download v2.3 Final
I9192XXUBND2_I9195OXXBML1_I9192XXUBND2_SILVIUv2.ta r.rar 884.2 MB!NYcR0CjQ!eKLZSL...PVrDHj9hUOowhE

P.S. For now i will stop my development, if i find the motivation to try to work on KitKat i will resume
P.S. Nothing fancy ! Only an working rom
No "bloatware" removed u can do that on your own , no mods

Installation instructions:
Download rom file to your PC
Unpack it and flash as any stock rom with Odin 3.09/ Odin 3.07
If your Baseband does not get updated reflash again !
Wipe data/Factory reset is not needed but recommended

v1 - Initial Release based on I9192XXUBML4
v2 - Update base to I9192XXUBNB1 ( Black edition )
Updated SuperSU v1.93
Transparent AccuWeatherWidget
Removed bloat from hidden partition
v2.1 Update base to I9192XXUBNC1 - minor update
v2.2 Based on I9192XXUBND2 Changelist 2634683
- Updated SuperSU v1.94
- Removed small amount of bloat: 
v2.3 Final ( Project stopped for now ) Based on I9192XXUBND2 Changelist 2634683
- Updated SuperSU v2.01
- Stopped removing previous bloat ( it was causing more harm then good, u can delete what u want but i saw more battery usage, more ram used when i deleted bloat then without )
- 2 small build.prop tweaks / pm.sleep_mode=1
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Phone: GT-I9192 Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Duos
ROM: Stock 4.4.2 PDA: I9192DDUCNH1 / CSC: I9192ROMCNG2 / MODEM: I9192DDUCNH1
Kernel: Custom
Recovery: Stock / Twrp