Thumbs up 2nd boot ROMs available for our beloved Defy/Defy+

Dear members,
Hereby i present you the collection of stock/custom rom threads:

CM11 (currently 4.4.2) by @Quarx
Omni by @Kayant and @struq
Slimkat by @TJKV
PA by @Kayant

JB 4.3
CM10.2 (4.3) by Quarx
Mokee (4.3.1)
Slimbean (4.3.1) by TJKV

JB 4.2
CM10.1 (4.2.2) by Quarx
PACMAN (4.2.2) by Kayant
Illusion (4.2.2) by Kayant
Taki_jerden (4.2)

JB 4.1
CM10 (4.1.2) by Quarx
MIUI V5 (4.1.2)
Xperia D (4.1.2) by @mato_d007
PA by @skeevydude
WIUI by @Wajk

More to come..will add earlier version soon
Nexus 4
PA 4.6 BETA1
Franco Kernel r212

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