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My ROM is based off 4.4.2 AOSP sources (no kitchen or tupper ware) with minor enhancements; it is for Purists who like to be as close as possible to stock; also, few apps and libs (Google calendar, MusicFX, all the asian language things) have been removed. I made this initially for the Hammerhead and Mako and decided to compile for my friend GRAMOPHON who will turn 50 next weekend (bought him an used Maguro on Ebay). I was able to test myself and all seems fine, except small graphical glitches on rotating screens.

All compiled straight off AOSP servers adding features which I consider useful (consumed a lot of red wine though). Have a look at the second post for this. There will be also Credit to the people who helped me to come this far. Without their support and input I would never had made it to this point. Leave constructive feedback and show patience when feedback is not posted right away. We do this for fun during spare time.

Downloads can be found right after the feature list (just extend it) in the second post and for screenshots, have a look at the third post.

I can not take any responsibility damaging your device or alarm clock which will not come off. If you decide to flash my ROM, you are getting responsible yourself. Have a functioning Nandroid in case something goes wrong.

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Calos Kitkat 4.4.2, a ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus


Version Information
Status: Beta
Current Beta Version: 2014-01-25

Created 2014-01-25
Last Updated 2014-02-02