Feature list and Credit


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Download 4.4.4 Version KTU84Q 2014-07-23

Embedded SU - Credit to Koush, CM and MartinRo
Apollo - Credit to CM
CMFileManager - Credit to CM
DSPManager - Credit to CM
DPI setting - Credit to Dokdo
Quick Unlock - Credit to ParanoidAndroid
Quick settings pulldown - Credit to Rascarlo
Volume wake - Credit to Purity and SlimRoms
LED settings - Credit to Rascarlo
AppOps - Credit to Lichti
Centre clock mod - Credit to Slim
CPU info overlay - Credit to Omni
Navbar size modification - Credit to Rascarlo
Blurry lockscreen - Credit to AOSPA
Lockscreen modifications - Credit to Mahdi
Advanced reboot menu - Credit to Jakdillard
Optional statusbar battery - Credit to AOSPA
Second in clock - Credit to Provision Team
Swap WIFI, Bluetooth and Mobile tile - Credit CALO
Always show rotation tile - Credit to CALO
Sound / Vibra tile - Credit to CALO
Network speed indicator - Credit to Lichti
Torch (with CM11) and Tile, - Credit to CM and CALO
Non intrusive call - Credit to KitKat Purity
Kitkat png for Dialer - Credit to Cl3Kener
Swipe to switch between notifications and QS - Credit to Rascarlo
Two-line layout for status bar date - Credit to Maniac103
Floating Window - Credit to snak3ater
PEEK - Credit to ParanoidAndroid
Hover - Credit to ParanoidAndroid
Allow disabling the IME selector notification - Credit to Slickrick
Power off tile png - Credit to ParanoidAndroid
Quicktiles 3.1 - Credit to AOSPA
Refresh RSSI tile on tap - Credit to AOSPA
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Download 4.4.2

Superuser - Credit to Koush for the source and many thanks to Martin_Ro who taught me the first steps and endless patience on replying my annoying emails
Volume Rocker Wake - Credit to Slim Rom
Quick Unlock - hardcoded Credit to ParanoidAndroid
Left / Right Pulldown - Credit to Rascarlo
Clear All Recents Button - Credit to Rascarlo
LED & Battery Light Settings - Credit to KitKatPurity (Mille Grazie for helping me out on a lot of issues)
Network Speed Indicator - Credit to MahdiRom
Non Intrusive Call UI - hardcoded Credit to KitKatPurity
MMS with quick reply - Credit to KitKatPurity
AM / PM Clock Settings - Credit to Rascarlo
DSP Manager - Credit to CM and OmniROM for the icon png, Tomvs16 for the lib files
CM Manager - Credit to CM
BusyBox - MahdiRom
CPU info overlay - Credit to Omni
Fix non intrusive incallui layout - Credit to Omni
Navigation Bar Size - Credit to Rascarlo
Circlular memory indicator to the "clear all" button area - Credit to ChameleonOS
Hosts file for ad block - Credit to Calo
Transparent/blurry lock screen - Credit to AOSPA
Lockscreen notifications - Credit to Mahdi
Quiet hours - Credit to Gummy
Location fix - Credit to AOSPA and matoushybl from the Maguro thread
Advanced Reboot - Credit to Jakdillard
Native 1% battery - Calo
Swap Wifi and Bluetooth click / long click - Credit to Jakdillard
Data tile one click switch - Credit to Rascarlo
Optional statusbar battery icons - Credit to AOSPA
Screen-off tile - Credit to Rascarlo
Rotation tile - Credit to Rascarlo
Inverted long-short click on all tiles - Calo
Torch tile - Credit to Rascarlo
Ringer / vibrate tile - Credit to AOSPAL and snak3ater
Double tap to sleep - Credit to Rascarlo
Added AdHoc network connection possibility - Credit to br101
Delete screenshot button - Credit to IOKP
Two line layout for status bar date - Credit to maniac103
Slims clock and date customisations - Credit to SlimROM and Lichti
Launcher 3 settings - Credit to Danesh
AppCircle Sidebar - Credit to snak3ater
Speed up booting on multicore devices - Credit to mik9
PEEK - Credit to AOSPA
Second Clock - Credit to Provision
Added DPI Tool - Credit to Dokdo

BaNkS for the Gapps and feedback on questions!