Feature list and Credit


Version Lord Sinclair 2014-04-18
Superuser - Credit to Koush for the source and many thanks to Martin_Ro who taught me the first steps and endless patience on replying my annoying emails
Volume Rocker Wake - Credit to Slim Rom
Quick Unlock - hardcoded Credit to ParanoidAndroid
Left / Right Pulldown - Credit to Rascarlo
Clear All Recents Button - Credit to Rascarlo
LED & Battery Light Settings - Credit to KitKatPurity (Mille Grazie for helping me out on a lot of issues)
Network Speed Indicator - Credit to MahdiRom
Non Intrusive Call UI - hardcoded Credit to KitKatPurity
MMS with quick reply - Credit to KitKatPurity
AM / PM Clock Settings - Credit to Rascarlo
DSP Manager - Credit to CM and OmniROM for the icon png, Tomvs16 for the lib files
CM Manager - Credit to CM
BusyBox - MahdiRom
CPU info overlay - Credit to Omni
Fix non intrusive incallui layout - Credit to Omni
Navigation Bar Size - Credit to Rascarlo
Circlular memory indicator to the "clear all" button area - Credit to ChameleonOS
Hosts file for ad block - Credit to Calo
Transparent/blurry lock screen - Credit to AOSPA
Lockscreen notifications - Credit to Mahdi
Quiet hours - Credit to Gummy
Location fix - Credit to AOSPA and matoushybl from the Maguro thread
NEW since 2014-04-18
Advanced Reboot - Credit to Jakdillard
Native 1% battery - Calo
Swap Wifi and Bluetooth click / long click - Credit to Jakdillard
Data tile one click switch - Credit to Rascarlo
Optional statusbar battery icons - Credit to AOSPA
Screen-off tile - Credit to Rascarlo
Rotation tile - Credit to Rascarlo
Inverted long-short click on all tiles - Calo
Torch tile - Credit to Rascarlo
Ringer / vibrate tile - Credit to AOSPAL and snak3ater
Double tap to sleep - Credit to Rascarlo
Added AdHoc network connection possibility - Credit to br101
Delete screenshot button - Credit to IOKP
Two line layout for status bar date - Credit to maniac103
Slims clock and date customisations - Credit to SlimROM and Lichti
Launcher 3 settings - Credit to Danesh

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BaNkS for the Gapps and feedback on questions!

MANY thanks to Google and the code, CM, Rascarlo, Slim, Purity, ParanoidAndroid, MahdiROM, OmniROM, AOKP, ChameleonOS, Chasmodo, GummyROM and last but not least PXS developer member Martin_Ro.
Your code and support helps us Noobs to get things done on a small scale...